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About the company

  Get a current machines' list which are available in our stock..The last up - to date amendment was carried out on 05.02.2008.  

  Rollers Bomag 100ADL  

  The company "MACHINERY" has existed since 1997. During this time it gained a reputation of a reliable partner in biusness matters.

It is the first company in our region which occupies hiring a professional equipment to roads building, a general building as well as for allotments owners. Machines and appliances are also available to be bought at reduced prices for cash, in instalments or they may be leased.

The "MACHINERY"s offer is open to use for both professionalists and amateurs - do - it - yourself men. What is the point in buying cykliniarka if it is possible to hire it at a small price. The same thing concerns drills, pneumatic drills, lawn - mowers or soils plumper machines and even concrete machines.

On the spot it is possible to buy a lot of items to smaller appliances, and if we are in the possession of such an appliance we wish to get rid of - there is a possibility of leaving it in a store shop.

If we are building or renovating any building it is very advisable to make use of "MACHINERY"s offer. The company is in the possession of the staff consisting of highly qualified workers who are very helpful and can deliver assistance, a professional advice on the matter of the equipment, nad how to use it properly and in the best way.

Our service, equipped with suitable equipment and background, is ready to face up to every single task connected with this equipments fixing.

The "MACHINERY" company has its branches in the area of kujawsko - pomorskie region - Biale Blota ( White Muds ) near Bydgoszcz, Szubinska 97 street, by a country road number 5.


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